IT Professional

About Me

Hey there, my name is Christina but I prefer Chris.


I love problem solving and I believe that is where my passion for technology started.  To me it is a puzzle, and I become obsessed with solving it.  I was an IT professional for 11 years with a transportation company and took a leap of faith to start a small business 2 years ago.  Unfortunately that decision hasn't worked out as I had hoped, but I have no regrets.  I believe the biggest regret would have come from not trying.


I like to keep myself busy and do so through many forms of creativity.  I create websites, logos, graphics for print, t-shirts, and endless personalized gifts (I do wonder if people are tired of my "personalized gifts", but I don't plan on stopping).  You can take a look at some of my projects here.


My biggest passion of all is probably animals.  Yes, I am that person, but I promise not to bore you with photos of my awesome dogs.

PHONE: 678-249-5025


ADDRESS: 80 Wilhelmina Dr. Ellenwood GA 30294